winGs (Women’s Ministry)

Women in God’s Service

Isaiah 40:13 (HCSB) ‘Who has directed the Spirit of the Lord, or who gave Him His counsel?’

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  • Keep all of our topics Christ centered
  • Identify Spiritual gifts
  • Serve in our fellowship first
  • Serve in our community
  • Continue to pray for God’s direction
  • Grow in our faith and mature in our walk with Christ together
  • Be supportive to each other

The mission of the Women’s Ministry Team Is to be the light on the stand… To glorify and praise God by serving others, sharing the Gospel And praying with and for one another. A small group of women….Artsy_Fartsy

  • Sharing in fellowship with each other
  • Praying with one  another
  • Learning Gods Word
  • Sharing God’s Love
  • Praising God
  • Letting Their Light Shine

Here are a few examples of women in the Bible that made a difference:

  • Esther was one of the women who was right where God wanted her to be at the right time. Do you realize she even held her tongue when she was supposed to? That’s kind of hard for some of us. Remember she didn’t tell anyone her family heritage or who her people were until the right time. Because of the way she lived her life she saved her people. She had an impact.
  • The Shunammite Woman made the first “prophet chamber” for Elisha. She did what she could for the man of God. (II Kings 4). She was a blessing.
  • Rahab wasn’t the most respected woman in town but God gives us her story for a reason, maybe to show us what a difference she made. In Joshua 2 she hid the two men that Joshua had sent out to spy on Jerico. She saved them from being found out. She did some good.
  • Mary, Mother of Jesus was a woman who was willing to used of God. If an angel came to us like with Mary to tell us we’d be carrying the Christ Child, what would be our reaction? “What not me. Get someone else to do it. Ill pass on this one!” Mary led a pure life and was tender to God’s calling. She was willing.

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