Coincidence or Not?

Do you believe in COINCIDENCE, two simultaneous yet unrelated events that have meaning which can only be explained by mere fate or chance?  If you said “yes”, please briefly consider the possibility that NOTHING is coincidence.  EverythingWhats Next? occurs and happens for a specific reason and for a specific purpose.  You choose your friends for a specific purpose, your work for a purpose, your leisure time purposefully; all these things are NOT accidental.  The fact you are reading this article at this very moment is not a coincidence or an accident.  You may think “oh, I clicked onto this blog because I was bored.”  Yet, isn’t boredom a reason?  That which led you to reading for the PURPOSE of easing this very boredom?

Reconsider coincidence and embrace God’s purpose for your life.  God has a purpose for everyone and in everything, good and bad.  God knows every hurt in your life, every disappointment and every joy.  He knows every intimate detail of our lives, good and bad, and He will never stop loving you!  Do you believe that?

Here at Northwest Community Church, we would like to invite you to discover your purpose in life.  We believe that God wants to reclaim you for the purpose for which He made you.

We believe that Jesus Christ came to the earth, that He created, and lived a perfect life.  Something we could never do!  He was crucified in our place for the sins we have committed; past, present and future.  A perfect sacrifice that we could never be!  Then after being dead for three days He rose from the grave.  Claiming victory over death, He is RISEN!   Again, something we could never do!

We are in desperate need of a Savior, who lived the perfect life, died the perfect death and who was the perfect sacrifice to show us mercy then grace in order to receive eternal life.

God’s purpose for Jesus Christ was revealed through His life, burial and resurrection.  The first and foremost purpose is to satisfy God’s wrath and reveal God’s glory.  Secondly, God’s purpose is to redeem sinful humankind to a righteous and holy position in order that we may have fellowship with Him again!  Jesus Christ has risen from the dead so that we could have forgiveness from our sins and the hope of eternal life!

Please join us this Easter Sunday, ON PURPOSE, so that God may reclaim you for the Purposes which He created you for.  At Northwest Community Church, on April 8th, at 10:30 a.m.

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